We Really Should Know Better! Fun in Ibiza

We Really Should Know Better! Fun in Ibiza

Or so I’m told by family members! To party in Ibiza is wrong just because we’re middle aged? Poppycock I say! Having said that, as we are just setting off. I can’t help thinking it’s not a bad thing we only had two nights here in San Antonio.

We were tired and stressed when we got here and were in need of letting our hair down big time. We started with cocktails and then explored the bars. What a crazy town – hen and stag parties from UK everywhere – happy, dancing, drunk people in fancy dress (and one completely naked man!). The bars blast out music and serve over-priced drinks (something we’re not used to).

We did find one bar away from the English tourists with a DJ, playing mostly Spanish music. We were the only English in there and it was packed with people dancing Salsa etc. Definitely our kind of place. Next thing we knew it was 4am and time for bed.

We didn’t manage to do much exploring the next day, just went out briefly for breakfast and a little shopping. At least I managed to get some photos.

Matt, who obviously had more energy than we did, donned  his wetsuit and went scraping sea-life off the bottom of the boat. Lucky him! He did say it was a bit cold down in the water. Not my idea of fun, but Matt tells me it will help the boat move better in the water.

And as much as our bodies were telling us not to, we went out again in the evening. Drank too much rum and danced the night away. Before we knew it the sun was coming up. Yes, perhaps we really should know better!

Looking forward to coming back to Ibiza at some point in the future, after we’ve recovered from this time!

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