Torreveija, Costa Blanca

Torreveija, Costa Blanca

Writing this all in retrospect is very difficult, you know!  Trying to remember what happened where and what photo is of what place – very taxing on my little brain!!  Anyway, we stayed a couple of days in Torreveija and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.  Sandy beaches, a lovely promenade and great restaurants and shops.

I think it was about a ten hour journey to get here, but in the day it’s tolerable!


There are salt mines here, which are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, but luckily we were early enough in the season to not encounter too many (although poor Matt had one in his bedroom overnight and got bitten a couple of times).

One of the jobs that needed doing was to get the boat pulled out of the water and the underneath scraped of sealife and cleaned.  So we took it to the boat yard and while Matt stayed and helped the guys, Ian and I took a walk along the beach (well, we were just being helpful, staying out the way!).  We returned to find the boat hauled up in the air and two men scraping and power hosing.  It took about four hours and then the boat was lowered back into the water by this huge machine – really quite incredible to watch.

So that evening we went out, but we were quite late and there wasn’t much open.  So we stumbled in to this bar where everyone was smoking Hookah! So naughty us joined in.  Well, I had to do something, the wine was terrible!  Don’t try this at home, kids!

Hookah Hookah Hookah

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