Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island

Also known as Pirate Island.  We didn’t stop there, but passed close by and, as it is twinned with Carloforte, where we have been, I thought it was worth a mention! Tabarca is the smallest permanently inhabited islet in Spain (with fewer than 100 inhabitants), and it is currently known for its marine reserve.  Definitely worth a visit one day.  It is only about ten miles north of Torreveija. 18th Century pirates once inhabited this island, who were closely followed by prisoners from Tunisia.  Oooh-arrr!

Tabarca has a quite interesting history. All of 2km long and 300m wide, the island was a refuge for the Barbary pirates up to the end of the 18th century. Around 1760, a group of sailors from the Tunisian town of the same name, which, at the time, was under the reign of the Republic of Genoa, shipwrecked near the island, were rescued and finally settled there together with a deployment of Spanish soldiers.

King Charles III of Spain decreed the fortification of Tabarca to protect against the pirates. As the boat approaches the harbour, the first thing you see are the remains of the wall, the fortress and the church.

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Tabarca Island Tabarca Island Tabarca Island Tabarca Island

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