Paloma Park – Benalmadena

Paloma Park – Benalmadena


Parque de Paloma

Parque de la Paloma, or Paloma Park, as it’s known by the Brits, is situated right in the heart of Benalmádena Costa. It covers some 200,000m2 and is less than 300m from the coast. This green oasis is entirely man-made and was only opened in the mid-1990s.

One of my favourite places to visit, as it is so close to the beachfront, it is a perfect route from Arroyo de la Miel to the beach.  It is very popular with walkers and picnickers, as it has pretty grassy areas, shaded by trees, beautiful lakes and fountains, play areas for children, a cactus garden and animals roaming around. At weekends it is full of families enjoying the afternoon sun and enjoying a relaxing day.

Read More HERE (opens in a new window). Here are a few photos:

IMG_20160528_121040 IMG_20160528_121109 IMG_20160528_121455 IMG_20160528_121508


Great to visit if you enjoy:

  • A stroll along the many pathways throughout the park;
  • Beautiful scenery – not just within the park, but the mountains behind and the sea in front;
  • Seeing rabbits, guinea pigs, peacocks and hens wandering around – they are very tame and used to people;
  • Sitting in one of the cafes and watching the world go by;
  • Tranquility, sitting by the lake admiring the view and watching the ducks, swans, turtles and fish;
  • Plants – there are many species of plants and trees – the cactus garden has 450 different species of cactus;
  • Large green areas to play games, sunbathe and enjoy a picnic;
  • Stunning scenery – not only is the park really beautiful, but you can capture the wonderful views of the mountains and ocean;
  • Play areas for children with slides, climbing frames etc where they will enjoy letting off steam.

A video, showing the park:

If you are visiting Benalmadena it is well-worth a visit.

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