Our Time was Brief in Carloforte

Our Time was Brief in Carloforte

We have only stayed one night in Carloforte, but long enough to appreciate how pretty the town is.  Narrow streets of little apartment buildings, with their little balconies and mini gardens. We went out for dinner last night to a restaurant down a back street, which you’d never know was there.  The food was amazing.  They specialised in Tuna, so I had the tuna ‘Carloforte-Style’ which was in a tomato based sauce – very delicious!  Matt had Lobster Carloforte Style and we nearly had a heart attack when we realised it cost €80 for his alone (he didn’t read the menu properly).

Waking up to the view this morning, I feel so lucky to be able to do this trip and have to pinch myself every day to check it’s real.  Today we set sail for the open sea.  Twenty-two hours solid, but hopefully by 10am tomorrow we will be in Menorca.

IMG_20160426_085751 Carloforte Carloforte1 Carloforte2 Carloforte3 Lobster

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