My New Venture and Another Adventure

My New Venture and Another Adventure

My New Venture


A New Venture

Oh dear, two weeks since I last Blogged, so it must be time for a New Venture! I have made the decision that from today I will be more organised and Blog on a regular basis.  It’s what I said I’d do in my recent post ‘Newbie Mistakes and How I Plan on Correcting Them‘.  I mean, it’s time I started to practice what I preach.

Social Media Promotion

I have started a little business, offering to help companies with their Social Media and I already have two (hopefully three by the end of this week) clients.  As I spend all my spare time on the internet I thought it was a great idea to turn my ‘hobby’ in to a career – who knows where it might lead?  I am pretty excited about it!  There is so much to learn though, but I am enjoying the thrill of researching and learning new ways to promote.  It is also helping me to promote myself, something I have been atrocious at so far! (And on that note I’d really appreciate you clicking on those cute side buttons on the left and share the love!).

In Other News.

As well as working on the new venture we have been having fun too.  A couple of times we went for a drive up the mountains behind Marbella to admire the view – and wow! What a view.  I can’t believe how beautiful Spain is and going up the mountains makes me really appreciate that.  Mountains on one side, sea on the other.  Here are a few pics, even though they don’t do it justice (I wish I had a better camera that could capture the colours I see in person).

On the second trip, we had a great view of Marbella – and lots of goats!  Including a goat made from scrap metal, which Matt had to climb up and sit on (of course!).

Willow and Keef enjoying the view Matt riding a goat (!) Marbella from above A goat!

I have tons more photos and try and get most of them on Instagram, so if you want to see more you can follow me on there 🙂

Hasta la proxima vez, mis amigos (Til next time, my friends), adios por ahora (Bye for now). xxx


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