Messing About On Boats

Messing About On Boats

I have had a couple of great weeks with my children visiting.  First, Oli came with his friend for a few days and we went out on Matt’s boat for the day – the same one we brought back from Italy a few weeks ago.  We took it down the coast to Fuengirola, where we went and had a delicious tapas lunch and then cruised back (I drove!).


The boys loved it and spent most of the time sunbathing on the front deck and taking pictures to send to their friends.  I think they were suitably impressed, especially when we went at speed.

The boat, ‘Twisted’, is actually up for sale on Ebay – if you’d like to have a look!

Rosie, my daughter is here at the moment and we have had an action packed time.  I will write another post soon about the San Juan Festivities which are going on at the moment in Benalmadena.

Yesterday we went out on the boat and Rosie had her first driving lesson – and drove Matt’s other boat, ‘Asia’, to Fuengirola.


This time we didn’t go in to port, but anchored just off the coast and spent the whole afternoon jumping in the sea and sunbathing.  It was the most fun I have had in ages – and something I have never done before.



<<<Rosie didn’t quite make it all the way in – it was too cold for her!  But I did…


I even jumped off the top of the boat – at least 20 feet.  For a scaredy cat like me, that was a big deal!  I won’t mention that one time I forgot to let go of Matt’s hand when we jumped together, which caused him to fall in sideways, hurting his face and chest! Sorry Matt!

And guess what?  ‘Asia’ is also up for sale.  Both ‘Twisted’ and ‘Asia’ are beautiful boats and I will be sad when Matt sells them, but knowing him he’ll get another one for us to ‘help’ bring back from wherever he buys it from (I hope anyway!).

A great experience to do this – swimming in the ocean was amazing and something I would normally shy away from (jellyfish freak me out) – but on this occasion, I couldn’t get enough of it!


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