Madrid in May

Madrid in May


We left Malaga Saturday morning on a coach.  We decided to go by coach for a number of reason – cheaper than train or plane, a chance to see the beautiful Spanish countryside, and no hassles at airports – just sit and relax and enjoy the scenery.  Six hours on a coach seemed daunting, but it was surprisingly easy.

We booked via BusBud, which I can recommend for anywhere in the world.  To amuse ourselves on the journey I mainly took photos – and considering I took them through a window, traveling at 100km/h, they weren’t too bad.


Arriving in Madrid at about 3pm we took a taxi to our hotel – Hotel Santa Barbara.  A basic, inexpensive hotel, but it was comfortable and clean and fine for a one night stay. Two minutes walk to the Alonso Martinez Metro station, it was a perfect location.  We freshened up and popped out for a quick drink at a bar on the corner, next to the hotel, before heading off to the Bruce Springsteen concert which you can read about HERE.

Sunday morning we were feeling a little worse for wear, after the night before but we managed to get to the bus station to drop off our overnight bag, and then went exploring.  We walked for miles, not really knowing where we were going, but sometimes that’s the best way to see a city.  Madrid is very pretty, with tree lined streets and gorgeous buildings.  Lunch was a tasty treat at a Tommy Mel’s 50’s diner – I was so tempted to have a milkshake or one of their scrumptuous desserts but had to resist!  Here are some photos I took while wandering about the city:

Our time was just too brief in Madrid and we must go again to explore properly.  Our coach was leaving at 4pm and we only just made it – phew!  More photos taken to keep me amused on the way home.  Definitely worth traveling by coach to see the stunning countryside of Spain.

Spanish countryside IMG_20160522_201858

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