Sailing Into The Sunset – Carloforte to Menorca

Sailing Into The Sunset – Carloforte to Menorca

We left Carloforte at about 12 noon yesterday and arrived in Menorca 7am this morning, ahead of schedule. The sea was very calm and it was a very smooth (although boring) crossing. We took turns sleeping. The worst part was the generator broke down, so no electric, meaning NO COFFEE!! Torture!



We had one panic when Matt suddenly yelled ‘get out the way’, along with a few expletives. He thought he saw the mast of a sailing boat right in front of us, but it was only our flag pole! Silly Matt! Such a panic for a few seconds. Mostly, though it was boring, with the odd hallucination of boats ahead, which turned out to be the reflection of dashboard lights on the window,

We are waiting for the fuel station to open, so Ian and I just went out and bought coffee and donuts. It’s raining right now but sun will be out again by lunch time.

Text conversation with my son:

Conversation with my son, Oli:

Me: How do you like my Blog?

Oli: Yeh, I’m enjoying it, but it’s a shame nothing dangerous happens like seeing sharks or something to make it more interesting.

Me: OK I’ll try and arrange a shark attack just for you.

Oli: Cool! Just remember don’t die!

No, I wont die, maybe lose a few limbs, but at least my Blog will be more interesting. He cracks me up! 🙂

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