Cartagena, Costa Calida

Cartagena, Costa Calida

The intention was we would sail from Torreveija to Almeria, but looking at the weather forecast, the sea was going to be a little too rough for us novices, so we decided to spend a couple of days here instead.  Glad we did as Cartagena is gorgeous – very historical, atmospheric and scenic.

A town with Roman ruins and archaeological sites, alongside modern buildings.  It is known as a ‘Port of Cultures’ and I can see why.  It was another town which hasn’t been ruined by excessive tourism too, with most restaurants and bars being totally Spanish.  We ate at the same restaurant two nights running, which was very unusual for us – but we liked it and had to try more of the menu that we couldn’t fit in on the first night! Matt ordered a mini ox burger and this is what came:

Green Burger

Yes, it was green bread!  He said it was delicious though.  Although when he saw this picture he said it looked like a pair of buttocks (the cheese) and now I can’t sea anything else.

It was a quiet town until two huge cruise ships came in overnight and for a few hours the place was packed with tourists!  By 5pm though they had both gone – slipped away – which was quite an amazing sight, seeing the enormous ships maneuvering through the small port.

Cruise ship in Cartegena Cruise ship in Cartegena

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