Benalmadena Pueblo – Corpus Christi

Benalmadena Pueblo – Corpus Christi

The beautiful village of Benalmadena is typically quaint, with its white-washed houses and narrow, cobbled streets.  Up in the mountains the vista is breath-taking and well worth the short ride by bus up there (or you can walk, if you’re fitter than me!).

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Today was the celebration and procession for Corpus Christi – a Catholic holiday, celebrated throughout Spain.  The streets are covered in flowers and greenery and a magnificent parade takes place.  The locals all dressed in their finery – the children especially looked so cute in their Sunday best clothes – little girls in white dresses and boys in their suits.

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I couldn’t wait to see the flower-laden streets and I wasn’t disappointed.  The main street had the most incredible designs, all in different coloured petals, in various patterns and compositions.  The other streets were also adorned with flowers and the scent as you walked over them permeated the air, which added to the ambience and sense of occasion.

Practising Musicians

We walked around the village, taking in the sights, sounds and floral aromas, walking past the musicians warming up ready for the parade.  Despite the crowds of people who arrived just before the parade, the atmosphere was still of reverence (amongst the Spanish attendees) to remind us that this was a religious and serious procession.


The parade itself was slow and solemn, with little girls and boys carrying baskets of petals, and musicians with every kind of instrument playing the marching beat to which they walked to.

IMG_20160529_125504IMG_20160529_125344 IMG_20160529_124718IMG_20160529_125428 IMG_20160529_125401

Afterwards, the beautiful patterns had all disappeared, but the petals remained.  Children with bags were filling them with petals to take home – maybe to make perfume, like I used to as a child.

IMG_20160529_144934 <<<This was what was left afterwards

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