Amazing Boat Trip from Benalmadena to Alicante and back!

Amazing Boat Trip from Benalmadena to Alicante and back!

Boat Trip

We have just returned from an eventful boat trip, which should have been three days away and turned in to a week away.  If you follow my Instagram account I have been posting pictures throughout the journey on there, but I have to write about what happened on the way back.

Steering Breakdown in the middle of the ocean

Firstly, not long after we left Alicante, I was left in charge of driving the boat.  No problem!  Easy!  Until I couldn’t work out why the boat kept wanting to head in to the rocky shore, and Captain Matt kept telling me off!  I gave up and asked Matt to take over, as I could tell something wasn’t right.  Sure enough, the steering had gone – no way to steer the boat!

Captain Matt to the Rescue!

Luckily, Matt is very experienced and knew what to do.  Down to the engine room he went, while I stayed on look out to make sure the boat didn’t hit anything, or drift on to rocks. Bang, Bang Bang! from the engine room, then up popped Matt, looking stressed.  It was totally broken and he couldn’t fix it.  There was only one thing to do – because we couldn’t stay in the middle of the ocean going round in circles…Matt managed to get us to Torreveija using the throttles.  Pretty worrying, but I always had faith in Matt’s skills and experience – and he got us there safely – phew!

Cartagena ~ Benalmadena in the Mist!

We had left a place called Cartagena in the early morning, where we had spent the night, and were traveling back to Benalmadena on our friend’s 50ft motor yacht. Very suddenly, a few hours into the journey, a thick mist surrounded us – we couldn’t see more than 50 feet in any direction.  The sea was so calm, like a mill pond, which made it all feel extra eerie.  We slowed the boat down and it was all eyes on the sea – we could only rely on the radar so much, so we had to rely on human eye sight.  It was cold and damp, such a contrast to the hot sun we had just come out of a few minutes earlier.

Mist on the boat The mist spoiled our view for a while!  This was our view at the front of the boat.

We didn’t see these two boats until we were quite close to them either:

Fishing boat in sea mist Sailing Boat in sea mist

Near Collision!

Everyone was looking ahead so we didn’t run in to everything, when I looked over to the right and nearly had heart failure. A huge ferry was about twenty feet away and heading right towards us!  I won’t repeat the language that came out of our mouths at that moment. It literally seemed to come out of nowhere. None of us spotted it until it was almost on top of us!  Needless to say, it missed us – but oh my goodness, what a fright!

Escaping the Mist

After a couple of hours of sailing through the mist we decided to stop somewhere for lunch and entered the most beautiful Marina del Este, La Herruda.  Such a stunning location and a great opportunity to take lots of pictures!  As you can see, that mist tried to follow us in.

Mist in the Marina

But once within the Marina, the sun shone and it was very peaceful.  A tiny beach and beautiful, clear water – totally idyllic.  Wish we could have stayed longer.

Marina del Este Marina Del este Marina Del Este

After lunch we continued our boat trip along the south coast of Spain – the mist had finally cleared so we were, once again, able to admire the stunning scenery.  What we weren’t expecting though was a private dolphin show!  I have never seen so many dolphins in one place before – the boat was surrounded.  It was incredible – there must have been two hundred or more, swimming alongside the boat, leaping out of the water, showing off.  I was so thrilled as I love dolphins so much. The only problem I had was my phone battery ran out and I couldn’t get as many pictures as I had wanted.

The whole boat trip was an amazing adventure, with plenty of mishaps, but all in good humour.

In summary

Our trip involved leaving Benalmadena in one boat, stopping in Almeria, then on to Alicante to drop that boat off and pick up another one.  The return journey was from Alicante, Torrevieja, Cartagena, La Harruda, then finally back to Benalmadena.  We were stranded in Torrevieja for three days to get the steering fixed (which I didn’t mind, as it’s a lovely place to visit).  Lots of fun and laughter all the way with friends.

Til next time, hasta pronto!


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