Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy

Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy

Cagliari is a beautiful, old town with the ruins of the old castle wall, dating from 1100, running through it. The streets are narrow with an abundance of little shops and cafes. Most of the buildings are really old which gives a very quaint feel to the place.

We walked up the hill to where the castle turret ruins are and admired the magnificent views of the town and coastline.

For the evening our favourite bar is a Cuban Bar where everyone drinks rum and dances to salsa music. I love how all the men can dance, not just the ladie. And a man selling roses comes round and all the ladies get bought a rose by one of the gentlemen. I have never been anywhere where the people are so welcoming and friendly. One of the locals even gave us some CD’s of salsa music so I could practise my dancing (hmm, what was he trying to tell me?).

We will be sorry to leave tomorrow, but the weather looks good for a short sail to Carloforte – a small island just round the corner.  But first, one more night in the Cuban Bar!

While I have internet I will make the most of it and post some pictures.  As you will agree, I’m sure, Cagliari is a very picturesque town – both architecturally and scenically. I had the best pizza there, met the friendliest people, and learned how to Salsa dance (sort of – I am planning to take lessons on my return to Spain!).

Cagliari to Isola Di S.Pietro

Then, it was Goodbye Cagliari…


Hello Carloforte….


It was fun on the way.  We were approached by the Italian military who told us we were in a restricted area and had to go seven miles further out to sea.  They were on a military exercise and shooting cannons!  They were really friendly though and said ‘Thank you for your co-operation’ as we waved goodbye.

Keef wasn’t too impressed with having to wear his life jacket but ended up sleeping most of the way.  Indeed I managed a two hour long nap in the sun too – it was blissful!  The weather has been perfect, blue skies and calm seat Long may it continue.

Ian being Captain

I learned how to navigate the boat and throw a few ropes – and I also hosed down the boat to clean off the salt water.

After a trip to the supermarket, it’s now time for a shower, then out to explore a little and find somewhere nice for dinner.  Tomorrow we start the long leg to Menorca – 22 hours at sea.


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